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Hosting Services

With Cloud based Hosting services provided by IDEA*TECH, your business gets a flexible, on-demand, and ready-to-deploy infrastructure to meet all your IT challenges. From Content-Management systems to Mail hosting, we can provide you with a scalable solution that adjusts with your business needs and does not require any large upfront investment.


Our Cloud based Hosting services are run out of Data-Centers that have redundant power and internet lines, which means that your technology is running around the clock without any unplanned downtime.


Below are some examples of the services we offer:


Microsoft SharePoint (Content Management):

Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful Content Management and collaboration platform that can integrate with other software used in your organization and act as a central hub for all your information needs. With its numerous features, SharePoint can act as your organization's online workplace allowing your teams to share information internally or with clients externally.


To learn more, visit SharePoint Services.


E-mail Hosting:

For organizations who cannot justify the cost of having their own e-mail server, we provide hosted E-mail services using Microsoft Exchange.

A huge benefit of using Exchange over other e-mail protocols such as IMAP are the abilities to sync your Calendars, Tasks, and Contacts effortlessly across multiple devices. You can even share Calendars with other users of your organization.


Additionally, you can access everything using a web browser and our E-mail hosting service includes a state-of-the-art spam filtering service provided by McAfee at no additional charge. McAfee's spam-filtering service greatly reduces the amount of spam you will receive and blocks all email attachments that contain harmful files.


Web-Site and Other Hosting services:

If you are interested in Web-Site hosting or would like to learn about our other Software-as-a-Service products (SaaS), then contact us today and we will be happy to provide you with more details.


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