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Have you considered the following for your organization recently?Given the rapid pace of change in technology - it is not enough to have a traditional IT provider who shows up only when things go wrong. An IT provider that lacks a detailed understanding of how your business works will be unable to show you how a collaboration system can help plan your next major event or how a workflow can increase operational efficiency and reduce errors.



A provider focused on day-to-day support, can rarely provide guidance on how technology can help you better achieve your strategic goals or where you should invest your resources.

Your business should have a partner that can show you how technology can be used to solve business challenges, achieve strategic goals, and explore new avenues of growth.


Custom Business Growth

Our Approach

For over 30 years, IDEA*TECH has been helping clients unlock the power of technology to empower their business. We take the time to develop a thorough understanding of your business and its needs, so that we can offer the right solutions that will not only meet your immediate goals, but also move you closer to achieving your business mission and strategic goals.


Over the years we have developed alliances with technology juggernauts such as Microsoft, Intel, and VMWare as well as specialized consultants that can be brought in on a project basis. Thus, we are able to offer you powerful solutions with the flexibility of having a team with skills ranging from Network Security and Cloud migration to Database implementation and Collaboration systems design.


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